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Where can I find a timesheet?

Click here to bring up a printable copy of the timesheet.

Check your DBS application progress:

If you have the form reference number for your DBS, (this will start with an F or an E followed by 10 digits e.g. F0011111111) you can check its progress by clicking here. If you have applied for a DBS through TeacherActive and want to know your reference number, please call the operations team on 0121 200 4984.

To help you plan lessons and schemes of work:

To help with behaviour management:

For overseas teachers:

Other useful information:


Where can I find a copy of the National Curriculum?

This link will take you to the National Curriculum for your specialism:

I live overseas. Can I work through TeacherActive?

We have had many teachers who trained overseas who have been invaluable to our schools. However, anyone who works through TeacherActive needs to be interviewed face to face in the first instance before we can progress with their application. We would therefore be unable to process your application before you reach the UK.

How do I make a complaint or offer any feedback?

TeacherActive endeavour to offer you the best customer service possible and we value feedback. If there is something you believe needs improving or would like to offer any feedback on, we’d welcome your thoughts. Please address them to:

Operations Team
158 Edmund Street
B3 2HB

Alternatively, you can email [email protected] to pass on any thoughts directly to senior management.

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