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TeacherActive is a leading education recruitment company which is developing across the UK from its origins in Birmingham. This section explains a little more about us and our company culture.

If you're reading this section, it's probably because you're considering a career with TeacherActive, which automatically makes you a very important person to us.

We've always been primarily concerned with people's skills, personal attributes and potential, rather than their qualifications and experience. Some of our most successful consultants have had no previous experience in recruitment at all - but their aspirations and drive meant that they have achieved great things with us.

Every member of the company has the shared goal of striving to achieve the best they can and sharing in the success of others. This is a culture of people who are passionate about their work and the company and who value enthusiasm, success and open communication.

As TeacherActive grows, taking more of the market share in each of its offices and developing new regions all the time, so too do the opportunities for our existing employees. The supportive working culture, the camaraderie and shared success make TeacherActive the company that it is. Our continuing success is based on ensuring the success of every member of the company.

About Recruitment

Our business is essentially fairly straight-forward: when schools require supply teachers or other temporary staff, we place those temporary workers with them. However, the role of a recruitment consultant is far more demanding than that simple overview might make some believe and only a lucky few make it through the selection process to discover what it means to succeed in education recruitment.

The role of a recruitment consultant is as far from a 9 to 5 job as you can get. While most people are still in their pyjamas, our consultants are juggling the demands of a number of different schools and teachers, facing challenges which most people simply wouldn't have the personal attributes to be able to deal with.

To be successful in recruitment generally, you need to be hugely ambitious and have limitless self-motivation. You will need to be able to promote our services to schools; manage your own time; be a strong multi-tasker who has excellent communication skills; be ruthlessly organised with managing the large number of teachers on our database, while writing adverts to attract new candidates, interviewing them and consistently having a thorough approach to legal procedures.

The role is hard - there's no escaping that. Very few people end up being successful in it. But those who do are rewarded extremely well.

Unlike other supply teacher agencies, we reward the entrepreneurial success of our consultants, ensuring that we have a remarkably low level of staff turnover. As well as a very generous commission structure, we regularly reward successful individuals and teams for their achievements, with bonuses such as designer suits, laptops, holiday vouchers - and regular champagne.

Current Openings

Location : Cardiff

Added : July 29th, 2014

Location : Bristol, City of

Added : July 29th, 2014

Location : Birmingham

Added : July 28th, 2014

Location : Sheffield

Added : July 27th, 2014

Location : Liverpool

Added : July 27th, 2014

Location : Southwark

Added : July 24th, 2014

Location : Nottingham

Added : July 24th, 2014

Location : Birmingham

Added : July 24th, 2014

Location : Preston

Added : July 24th, 2014

Location : Swansea

Added : July 23rd, 2014

These few openings do not represent all of the potential opportunities within TeacherActive. If you want to work with us or are already a successful education recruiter who is considering opening up a new office for us, we're more than happy to discuss your career with you in strict confidence.