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TeacherActive also specialise in the recruitment of teaching assistants (TAs) and higher level teaching assistants (HLTAs) throughout the UK. Teaching Assistants will also be known as Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) and Learning Support Practitioners (LSPs).

What is required of a teaching assistant?

A Teaching Assistant or Learning Assistant’s role is to support the teachers and the pupils in their educational and social development within and outside the classroom. This role is predominately featured in primary and SEND schools and has become increasingly regular in secondary schools. As well as being a general assistant to the teacher, this work tends to involve 1:1 work with a pupil or with a small group of pupils.

The role requires a highly reliable and flexible individual with the ability to work well in a team. Good numeracy, reading and written skills are essential as well as being a confident communicator. Excellent organisational skills and a professional attitude to working with young people is essential.

HLTA status is awarded to support staff who undertake training, preparation and then pass assessment to meet HLTA standards. Achieving HLTA status demonstrates that you can make a positive contribution to pupils’ learning and achievement.

Typical teaching assistant tasks include:


  • Guiding and monitoring pupil behaviour
  • Supporting and supervising the tasks at hand
  • Providing extra support for pupils with special needs
  • Preparing and tidying the classroom
  • Helping with classroom prep, board displays and the planning of activities
  • Dealing with any immediate issues that may arise and handling them in the most appropriate way

Teaching Assistant qualifications & skills

First and foremost a desire to pursue a role within the education system through teaching or learning support is essential.

It is also essential that you have had experience working with children. This can be through a voluntary or paid position and whilst classroom experience is preferred, there are many other types of work which provide skills transferable to a TA position. For example, you may have worked as a sports coach, led an after-school drama club or worked as a residential care assistant in a children’s home.

While a teaching assistant qualification such as an NVQ Level 2/3 in Childcare can stand you in good stead for becoming a teaching assistant, it’s not a pre-requisite: if you are looking for an entry level role, GCSEs (or equivalent) are required, along with basic literacy and numeracy skills.

If you’re unsure as to whether or not you have the qualifications, experience or skills necessary to become a teaching assistant, contact one of our local branches and one of our friendly members of staff will talk you through the process. We can give you some helpful advice and see if there’s a particular role that fits your skill set and personality. If we don’t have one? We’ll do our best to find it for you.

In the meantime, feel free to browse our teaching assistant roles here:


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