Supply Teaching Jobs for Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs)

Newly Qualified Teachers

Supply teaching is a great option for an NQT, and we would love to talk to you about how TeacherActive can support and guide you at this exciting stage of your life and career.

On a weekly basis we have hundreds of NQTs working through us at schools we have hand-picked to help broaden experience. We will use our strong relationships with our schools to highlight your experience and character, and support you while you work to help you to identify which environments you like and what sort of work you enjoy doing the most.

TeacherActive are one of the largest, busiest education recruiters in the UK. Our NQT pool is a valuable source of new talent for Local Authorities across England and Wales.

We can provide you with the option to work in a number of schools as a supply teacher, building invaluable experience and knowledge for the early stages of your career. Alternatively, some NQTs choose to work on a more long term basis in one school, giving them the chance to complete their induction term by term while retaining some flexibility and allowing them to work within several schools until they find out what is best for them.

Many NQTs opt to register with us for day-to-day work whilst waiting for interviews for a full time or permanent position. Having the flexibility to earn while you are applying for permanent roles is a great way to build invaluable education experience.

We care about our teachers. Give your local office a call to find out about the opportunities that we have available, and how we can work with you to shape your career.

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