Frequently asked questions

No question is too big or too small

Whether you're looking for a new direction in your career, advice on an upcoming role, or if you have a quick question, our dedicated consultants are here to help. Take a look at our frequently asked questions below, and feel free to contact your local office for more information.
I want to register with you, what do I need to do?

To register, you will need to fill in our online registration form, then visit us in branch so we can validate your documents. See our page that explains the process to apply in full for more details.

I have a DBS certificate from a previous employer, can I use this to work with TeacherActive?

Your DBS certificate needs to be on the update service in order to use it to work at TeacherActive. If it’s not, you will need to apply for a TeacherActive DBS. Please speak to your consultant for more information.

How often will I get paid?

If you’re working on a supply basis, you will be paid every week in arrears, meaning whatever you worked over the last week, you will get paid for in the following week.

Do you use an umbrella company?

No, all of our staff are paid on a PAYE basis via our outsourced payroll provider Workwell. meaning your tax and National Insurance are also deducted from your pay. There are no hidden fees, and what is on your pay slip is yours to keep.

My consultant has asked me to go on standby, what does this mean?

When you are on standby, that means you will be ready and available for work the following day. By going on standby, our team know you are up and ready for the school day and can accept work in your area. See this video by My-Progression for more details.

Where can I find my pay slips?

TeacherActive does not have access to your pay slips, they are kept in a secure system with your payroll provider Workwell. Contact Workwell to access your pay slips.

Some of my personal details have changed, what should I do?

Firstly, contact your consultant so we can keep your details up to date on our system. You will then need to contact your payroll provider Workwell to update your details.

How can I access my P45 or P60?

TeacherActive does not create your P45 or P60, this is kept with your payroll provider Workwell. Please contact Workwell to have this sent to you.

I'm booked in for standby, what time should I be ready for in the morning?

If you're on standby, you need to be up, ready and have your bag packed ready for work at 7:30 AM. This is so if any relevant emergency cover work comes in, you are ready to support the school or educational setting.

My consultant has asked me for my availability, what does this mean?

When your consultant asks for your availability, it means they are preparing for when placements become available and ensuring you are on the shortlist. By keeping your availability up to date, you're more likely to know when work in your area has become available, and may even have the first chance at a long-term role.

I am no longer available for the dates I said, what can I do?

If your availability changes, simply let your consultant know. You can change your availability anytime by phoning or emailing your consultant or local office.

What should I wear to my placement?

If you're heading into an education setting for the first time, it's always best to dress in smart business dress. In general, this can relate to smart suits or separate smart jackets, shirts, trousers or skirt combinations, along with smart footwear. Be sure to check the school's dress code policy when you are able to.

For more information on dress code, along with what to wear in early years of SEND settings, check out My-Progression's video.

Who are Workwell?

Workwell is the new Eden. Eden has been TeacherActive’s payroll provider and since December 2021 they have been part of the Workwell Group of companies. Now they are known as Workwell, which is what will appear on documents such as payslips.