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A day in the life of a nursery worker – what to expect

What happens at most nurseries and early years settings throughout the day.

Learn the British Sign Language alphabet – Free BSL alphabet sheet

BSL is key to helping deaf or hearing-impaired people communicate with the world. In this article, we’ll explain the importance of BSL and give you a free resource to help you learn the BSL alphabet.


Why is diversity important? How to teach diversity and inclusion in the classroom

This article will explain what diversity and inclusion are, why it’s important and what you can do to create a more inclusive classroom.


Are early years practitioners the same as teachers?

We explore what an early years practitioner is, what the role includes, and compare the role to that of a mainstream teacher.

Early Career Teachers: How to prepare for the world of working in education

Known as NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher) in Wales and previously called this in England, your ECT years consist of extra training and support after achieving your PGCE. Want to make sure you make the most of these years? Read on to learn more.


All about residential support: what are the main duties and what key skills are needed?

Learn more about what the residential role entails, what qualifications are required and what duties you will carry out.


Social media safety: Our tips on personal and professional social media for teachers

Tips and advice on how to protect yourself online, all while making the most of your social media to connect and learn from other educators. 


Five Reasons Why Early Years Teaching is One of the Most Rewarding Careers

If you’re looking to take a step into education or have a passion for child development, then working in Nursery and Early Years is right up your street. 

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