Introducing Active Impact

Introducing Active Impact

We can all be at the forefront of positive change. We believe in the power of collective action and want to do our bit to support the charities that are the beating heart of our local communities. They need us now, more than ever.

Along with the frequent charity events we take part in every year, we introduced Active Impact: giving our offices the chance to support a charity of their choice in the local community both with a donation and physical support. 

So far this year, our teams have supported:

  • Tourettes Action
  • Wirral's Hospice St Johns
  • Salvation Army
  • The Prop Appeal
  • Leukemia Care
  • Havens Hospice
  • Emmanuel House
  • Many Tears Rescue Centre

This initiative allows us to not only support more registered charities, but for our teams to give back to the local communities they are active in, not to mentioned the teams loved taking part in charity fun runs and visiting the dog shelter!

Want to find out more about our charity work? Visit our charity page or get in touch.