TeacherActive AGM 2023

TeacherActive AGM 2023

Our AGM is not your average work team-building day, you’ll see no whiteboards and towers made of unconventional objects here. From a day relaxing at the spa or seeking thrills at the activity park to a dress-to-impress awards ceremony, this is a day dedicated to saying thank you to our internal team for all their hard work, while celebrating the pride, passion and people that make TeacherActive.

The AGM has been an annual affair since 2005. This year, we were fortunate to host the AGM at the Birmingham Rep, a theatre that has brought fantastic stories to its stage for over a century. Naturally, the AGM followed a musical theatre theme, complete with our own rendition of ‘One Day More’ from Les Misérables and Chief Sales Officer Lisa defying gravity as she made her entrance…

The night was full of reflection; on what we have achieved as a team, the charity initiatives we have completed together, the success of our CPD channel My-Progression and the memories we have made along the way. The ‘wicked’ night was full of laughs, embodying our mantra of ‘serious about what we do, not so serious when we do it’.

Pyrotechnics and flying directors aside, the AGM is a chance for TeacherActive to congratulate the people who embody pride, passion, accountability, knowledge and resilience and recognise their outstanding work. The TeacherActive Awards is an event the whole company looks forward to every year, and the buzz of excitement in the room at this year’s awards was unmatched.

Without further ado, it’s time to see this year’s winners!

1. Non-term time biller award

Jamie Randle - Leeds

2. Resourcer of the Year

Beth Gould – West Midlands

3. Clearer of the Year

Aamna Rafique – West Midlands

4. Sales Newcomer of the Year

Steven Roughley – Newcastle

5. Perm Placements

Sam Dunn – West Midlands

6. Average Margin

Holly Larkins – Exeter

7. Office Average Margin


8. Support Services

Abbie Tofield – West Midlands

9. Support Newcomer of the Year

Jacky Spragg – West Midlands

10. Rising Star

Jamie Randle – Leeds

11. Highest Margin

Nicola Jenkins – London

12. Core Values

Lee Nicklin - Leeds

13. Consultant of the Year (top 10)

10. Victoria Chapman - Liverpool

9. Georgia Harris - Swansea

8. Kaiya Blair-Bell - Cardiff

7. Grace Abbott – East Midlands

6. Eluned Rees - Swansea

5. Jamie Randle - Leeds

4. Rebecca Rees - Swansea

3. Sophie Gregory - Sheffield

2. Melissa Riddle – Cardiff

1. Nicola Jenkins - London

14. Leader and branch of the year

Adam Wynne and West Midlands

Well done to all the winners and nominees and thank you to all who made this year’s AGM a magical evening.

Do you want to join a company that celebrates your success and achievements? Head to our internal vacancies to find your next role at TeacherActive.