TeacherActive’s first Environmental Social Governance (ESG) report: Leading environmental and social responsibility

TeacherActive’s first Environmental Social Governance (ESG) report: Leading environmental and social responsibility

This report is available now to view on our website and includes how we will take our position as one of the UK’s largest education recruitment agencies and utilise it to support the clients, candidates, internal staff and other key members who are part of our process.

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The commitments outlined in our ESG and Impact Report consider how we as a business can positively impact the environment, continue to deliver training, support and guidance to the people who make TeacherActive and ensure safety, compliance and governance across the education and care sector.

Although outlined for the first time in this document, our pledges and commitments have always been running through the veins of TeacherActive. With our core values of pride, passion, accountability, knowledge and resilience, it feels second nature to create these pledges, many of which have been part of our ethos for several years.

Reducing our environmental impact

We pledge to be a carbon-neutral business by 2030 and in our ESG and Impact Report, we outline our research and actions to ensure we meet this. Actions have been and will be delivered from the board with the environment in mind, however, some of our main pledges focus on nurturing an environmentally conscious working environment to inspire our teams to support us. The proof is in the print, as our ESG and Impact Report has been printed on carbon-neutral paper!

Supporting social aspects through education and inclusion

Since 2020 we have been leading the way for diversity and inclusion in the recruitment industry and beyond with Empower. We produce a yearly manifesto outlining ways to ensure intersectional diversity and inclusion that allows our internal team to bring their whole selves to work. This, combined with our efforts of donating over £28,000 to charity, our never-swaying commitment to education through My-Progression and our award-winning Learning & Development strategies, means we can continue our pledges to develop careers to improve the education and care sector for all.

Ensuring safety and compliance in our governance

Thriving as a sustainable business is only part of the reason we focus on governance; more importantly, it allows transparency in our recruitment and will enable us to conduct ethical operations and mitigate risk. In line with Keeping Children Safe in Education, and Keeping Learners Safe in Wales, we prioritise quality and compliance in our pledges to ensure the education and care sector remains safe and of value to people everywhere.

Our ESG and Impact Report is a collaboration across many functions of TeacherActive. It is ever-evolving, transforming and adapting to suit the changing market while keeping education and care at its core. If you have any questions or require further information, contact us today.

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